Keke Palmer’s new book, I Don’t’ Belong To You inspires her Cinderellas across the globe!

While on Broadway, acclaimed actress, singer, talk show host, and now author, Keke Palmer, invited underprivileged girls, from the Bronx and Queens NY, to see her star in the musical, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Palmer was the first African American actress to play Cinderella on Broadway and she wanted to share this experience with these young women.

This opportunity for the young girls to watch their first Broadway musical with Keke Palmer in the leading role as the iconic Cinderella, was such an awesome experience that it launched into an amazing program! Saving Our Daughters Cinderellas Program! This multi-cultural program reaches out to young teens in an effort to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

Following in Keke Palmer’s footsteps, other Hollywood actors/actresses are giving their time and insight to the girls in the areas of: performing arts, dealing with bullying, even becoming mentors for the Saving Our Daughters Cinderellas program.

“The opportunity to see Keke in Cinderella, someone that looked like me, gave me hope, said Danielle (from Madison Square Boys & Girls Club). In the days after the show, I felt myself walking a little taller, smiling more and reflecting on my time I got to meet Keke Palmer, a girl like me.”

To kick off the 2017 new year, and to support the organization’s mission to have girls discuss key issues surrounding bullying and self esteem. Saving Our Daughters with FOX’s Empire actors and ambassador, Grace Gealey Byers and husband Trai Byers sponsored Keke’s new book, I Don’t Belong To You: Quiet The Noise and Find Your Voice for Cinderellas in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Cleveland Ohio.

Keke’s book is an inspirational guide that encourages millennials to change their mindset and live with more freedom, confidence, and love as they navigate the rough terrain of the twenty-first century. Full of revealing stories from Keke’s personal and professional life, this book tackles twelve topics—sexuality, race, anxiety, success, bullying, and body image to name a few—with refreshing honesty.

This insightful memoir of a young woman’s journey to self-acceptance, I Don’t Belong To You, simply means Keke Palmer is not afraid to let her light shine while encouraging others to do the same!